Enzymes: The 2nd Factor in Nutrition

Prerequisites: Must be an Alternative Healthcare provider with previous nutrition training, and for those who have completed Essential Understanding of Basic Nutrition.

In this online course, Enzymes: The 2nd Factor in Nutrition, you will see how the life work of Howard Loomis Jr, DC., built on Howell's theoretical work, created a scientifically valid analytical system that removes hit-or-miss guesswork. You will learn how to quickly and easily begin to identify energy deficiencies and specifically use food enzymes.

What to expect from this course:

  • You will by guided through basic science concepts that will hone your understanding of normal body function.
  • You will clearly see the connections between deficiencies and the symptoms your body offers as a request for improved nutrition.
  • You will learn to plot symptoms in the Food Enzyme Institute system to clearly see where the energy deficiency occurs.

As each macronutrient cascade (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) is studied, patterns will form that can easily help recognize compromised energy pathways in areas such as diet, digestion, elimination, autointoxication, autonomic, and endocrine systems. By following the steps outlined in this segment, you will develop a tool that will stay with you throughout your studies with the Food Enzyme Institute.

As Elaine Newkirk gently guides you through the basics of Dr. Loomis' work, you will be prepared to enter The Food Enzyme Institute Seminar Series with confidence.

The manual for this course is sold separately.

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