Essential Understanding of Basic Nutrition

The concepts taught in this collaborative effort between Dr. Howard Loomis Jr. and Elaine Newkirk, ND, LPN are key for the serious student to prepare for Food Enzyme Institute. Whether you are new to us, or a seasoned practitioner, you will benefit from the many pearls of wisdom offered as keys to health. You can't make intelligent decisions about your diet if you are not aware of the importance of food enzymes in your diet. You will clearly see why our modern diets and lifestyle cause food enzyme, as well as energy deficiencies that lead to serious imbalances in health. This upbeat seminar will make you rethink online trainings.

What to expect from this course:

  • How the science behind genetically modifying, irradiating, and chemical treatment of food has altered the abilities to digest, absorb, and utilize the nutrition from our ingested foods.
  • Simple improvements to our modern diet will be pointed out, which will show a clear roadmap to dietary health.
  • The digestive anatomy segment may indeed be the area where the most A-HA moments will be you clearly see that a healthy functional digestive system is key to overall health.

This course teaches why addressing the root cause of symptoms is the only answer to properly supporting each person's individual needs, as opposed to covering up the symptoms and creating additional problems.

An online manual is included.

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