Introduction to Food Enzyme Nutrition

This two-part, online-only course introduces the science that is the Loomis System®. Successful completion of this course will allow you to attend the Food Enzyme Institute seminars, starting with Seminar One.

You will clearly see why our modern diets cause food enzyme, as well as energy deficiency. You will see why being able to address the root cause is the only answer to properly supporting each person's individual needs, and eliminating the myriad of symptoms related to those imbalances.

Elaine Newkirk, ND, LPN, LDHS is ready to guide you through the science that is the Loomis System®. You will be shown how to connect the deficiency dots by going back to the roots of enzyme work with Edward Howell, MD. You will see that the life work of Howard Loomis Jr, DC., built on Howell's theoretical work, creates a scientifically valid analytical system that removes hit-or-miss guesswork.

As the patient's symptoms chart obvious answers through the Signs and Symptoms Survey, you will see that decision-making about supporting the rebuilding of energy deficiencies becomes easy.

As Elaine gently guides you through the basics of Dr. Loomis' work, you will be prepared to continue your education through the Food Enzyme Institute with confidence.

What you learn will resonate in your head, your body, and your heart, and we look forward to sharing this information with you.

The online manual for Essential Understanding of Basic Nutrition is included. The manual for Enzymes: The 2nd Factor in Nutrition is sold separately.

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