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The Enzyme Advantage for Women

by Dr. Howard Loomis Jr. DC, FIACA with Arnold Mann

If you loved The Enzyme Advantage: For Healthcare Providers and People Who Care About Their Health, then you will love Dr. Loomis' next book, The Enzyme Advantage for Women, also written with respected medical journalist Arnold Mann. In this book, you will learn:

  • How diet and digestion can impact female health; from puberty, PMS, and infertility to menopause
  • How hormonal birth control affects each woman differently
  • The four types of PMS

This book is also available for $19.95 on amazon.com

Words From Your Colleagues

"Your system of thinking and analysis is laser-sharp and has allowed me to instantly get to the cause of my patient's health issues. Having this information has helped me to resolve patient issues in weeks rather than months and years. You truly have found the keys that unlock the riddle of the body."

- Richard W. McBride, DC
Willow Grove, PA

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