Our system of health care, the Loomis System®, is founded on principles that endure science and education. We believe that the best way to help practitioners more effectively heal their clients is to support them every step of the way in the learning process. We offer the following seminars in various locations to facilitate this process for you.

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Loomis System® Introductory Seminars

These short introductory seminars offer a general overview of what the Loomis System® has to offer health care practitioners.

Digestive Health Professional Program

The right solution requires the right training. Our series of seminars teaches a system of techniques to determine the hidden causes of patient symptoms, particularly in unresolved health problems. The material taught is the work of Dr. Howard F. Loomis, Jr. Backed by many years of clinical experience, he has brought the theoretical food enzyme work of Edward Howell, MD, into the treatment room. Successful completion of this series of seminars confers upon the health care practitioner a diploma as a Digestive Health Professional.

Advanced Skill Enhancement Seminars

The Advanced Skill Enhancement Seminars are for those practitioners who have completed the Digestive Health Professional Program and have satisfactorily passed the final exam.

The continued learning available through these seminars allows the practitioner to deepen their knowledge and evaluative skills in determining digestive health problems and related health syndromes.