Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about the Food Enzyme Institute™. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

The Food Enzyme Institute™ is a postgraduate educational program that is approved by the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Board. The seminar material is the work of Howard F. Loomis, Jr., DC, FIACA. Dr. Loomis has combined the work of food enzyme pioneer, Edward Howell, MD, with his many years of clinical experience to develop this four-part series.

The philosophy behind the Food Enzyme Institute™ is based on the vitalistic premise that the body possesses an innate intelligence to heal and maintain itself when it is given the proper amounts of air, water, nutrients, and exercise. It is our goal as practitioners of the healing arts to identify those organs that are struggling to do their part for the maintenance of homeostasis.

This seminar series is designed to give you the knowledge you need to recognize possible hidden causes in those problem cases that do not seem to respond. Without adding any new equipment to your office or increasing your office space or personnel, the Loomis System® will teach you to use the knowledge you already have to solve difficult cases.

Yes. In order to attend the Food Enzyme Institute™ seminar series and receive a diploma designating you as a Digestive Health Professional, you must be a registered, licensed or certified health care practitioner in the state in which you reside. These are the requirements set forth by the State of Wisconsin Educational Approval Board. If you have questions about whether or not you meet our requirements, please contact us.

The Loomis System®, developed by Howard Loomis, Jr., is a system of diagnostic techniques that can be used to determine the hidden causes of chronic symptoms. All stress, whether it is from a mechanical, chemical, or emotional source, increases the body's need for nutrition. The Loomis System® focuses on this need because when the body does not have the adequate nutrition to meet the increased stress, the results are always the same.

Learn to recognize the physical and laboratory signs of stressed organs that are producing muscle contraction and physical/structural dysfunction patterns that are not resolved by drug therapy, manipulation, physical therapy, or energetically based therapies.

If you feel fulfilled when your most difficult client says, "You've been able to help me when no one else has", then you belong in the Food Enzyme Institute™ seminars. The education we offer is brilliant, yet down-to-earth. Dr. Loomis has brought together nutrition, biochemistry and plant enzymes with an unprecedented, common-sense approach that has restored health to thousands of patients.

Read what current Digestive Health Professionals have to say about the Loomis System®.

Yes. You must attend the Food Enzyme Institute™ seminars in chronological order. The seminar material is extensive, and it builds from one seminar to the next. Dr. Loomis has carefully prepared the seminar material in a specific order to maximize your learning in a streamlined seminar series.

No. The Food Enzyme Institute™ is going to teach you how to use the basic science knowledge that you already possess.

At this time, the only way to obtain the information offered by the Food Enzyme Institute™ is to attend the seminar series in a city near you.