Privileged Access

To you who are health care practitioners, we offer the following support at each step of the learning process.

Once you have created an account and sent us a copy of your credentials, we offer the following educational tools so that you may learn more about the Food Enzyme Institute™, our seminars, and support system:

  • Telephone access to support staff to answer clinical questions as you see patients or clients
  • Descriptions of all upcoming seminars
  • Order Dr. Loomis’ books, patient brochures, and so much more through our Literature Store
  • Online seminar registration
  • Educational articles about food enzymes and their use in clinical practice

During the time that you are attending a Food Enzyme Institute seminar, we offer all the educational tools above, plus:

  • Increased access to articles that Dr. Loomis has written about enzymes and nutrition
  • Quarterly newsletters with company updates, valuable information about enzyme nutrition, and case studies

When you have graduated and received a diploma as a Digestive Health Professional, all the previous educational tools will be available to you, plus:

  • Privileged access to all of Dr. Loomis' articles
  • Ability to attend advanced seminars
  • Digestive Health Professional (DHP) logos available for your use on marketing materials
  • Online Signs & Symptoms Survey