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Reminder: the following Food Enzyme Institute seminars listed are eligible to only licensed, certified, or registered healthcare practitioners and those who have completed the necessary prerequisites listed previously.

Seminar 1: Clinical Judgment in Diet, Digestion, Bowel Elimination, and Autointoxication

  • A general description of food enzymes and the role they play in nutrition and digestion
  • An outline of biological organization of the body
  • Discussion of diet and the body's need for and the functions of protein, carbohydrate, and lipids
  • Discussion of the processes of normal digestion and the role food enzymes play
  • The consequences of inadequate digestion (autointoxication)
  • The source of stress examination and visceral stress points

Seminar 2: Clinical Judgment in Absorption, Immune System, Autonomic Nervous System, and Endocrine System

  • Review of Seminar One
  • The mechanisms of nutrient absorption
  • The role the liver plays in nutrient assimilation
  • The role of plasma proteins in nutrient transportation
  • Acid-base balance and nutrition of the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Nutrition and the Endocrine System
  • 24-Hour Urinalysis

Attendance at both sessions as well as satisfactory completion of the final examination entitles you to receive a diploma from the Food Enzyme Institute designating you as a Digestive Health Professional.

After completion of the Digestive Health Professional program, the following seminars are available to all those who have passed their written exams:

Annual Conference

  • Always held at a beautiful location
  • A special topic is highlighted every year
  • Friday evening social and networking opportunities with other practitioners using Loomis System®

Seminar 3: Clinical Judgment in Nutritional Evaluations

  • Priority Sequencing for Chronic and Problem Cases
  • Hands on Experience with Stress Point Palpation
  • Introduction of Pelvic Patterns

Seminar 4: Clinical Judgment in Structural Evaluations

  • In-depth look at the complete examination and identifying deviations from normal
  • Complete Systems Review
  • Examination of the Lymphatic System

The Loomis System® is a system to trust and use in your work. Increase your income and improve your clinical results as well as your own health by attending this introductory seminar.