Paul S. Inselman, DC, with Karen Gradwohl and Jill Kelly, LAc


Your system of thinking and analysis is laser-sharp and has allowed me to instantly get to the cause of my patient's health issues. Having this information has helped me to resolve patient issues in weeks rather than months and years. You truly have found the keys that unlock the riddle of the body.

- Richard W. McBride, DC
Willow Grove, PA

Thank you, Dr. Loomis, for teaching me how to be a true healer. You have taught me how to turn mediocre clinical results into beyond belief, EXTRAORDINARY results. I and my patients thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Paul S. Inselman, DC
Coral Springs, FL

I'm not interested in mediocrity…optimum health is my goal and I'm almost there, thanks to Doc, his system, the enzymes and the hardest part…dietary modification!

- Charmaine Ramstead, MLT
Regina, SK Canada

This conference was wonderful. The depth of Dr. Loomis' knowledge and experience never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think I've got a handle on it, he gives me more information on the subject and it blows me away. These seminars always keep me on my toes intellectually and clinically. I always come for the knowledge, but I end up having lots of great interactions with other practitioners, which is also very valuable.

- Bob Rose, RN
Cascade, CO

This is real. I have tested it. I have tried to disprove it. Your work is solid, provable and exciting. You have given me hope that there will be doctors out there that can really help people instead of just popping them and praying they will get better.

- Douglas L. Hays, DC
Ozark, MO

Loomis Boot Camp (Graduate Intensive II) inspires and educates with practical methods of scientific knowledge that can be easily implemented clinically. Dr. Loomis and his entire staff illustrate integrity, understanding, listening, nurturing, caring, and empowering.

- Jill Kelly, LAc, MAc, DiplAc(NCCAOM)
Hixson, TN

I have always wanted a way to combine what I already knew about chiropractic with what I knew had to be true about the need to incorporate nutrition today. The Loomis Institute provides that information in an easy to implement and exciting format.

- Jeff Rosenberg, DC
Syosset, NY

Thank you for sharing your profound knowledge with us. On my first day back, your seminar helped me solve two mystery cases right off!

- Patrick Giammarise, DC
Chico, CA

Dr. Loomis' enzyme work is helping many of my patients make quantum leaps in health. I am very thankful to learn applied enzyme nutrition from the Loomis Institute. I feel like I have been given the gift of sight in the land of the blind.

- Paul Eckley, DC
Walled Lake, MI

Every Loomis Seminar I have attended has been nothing short of incredible, each seminar leaving me more excited about the next.

- Pamala Kay Schwarz, ND
Redlands, CA

Thanks to you I am able to practice with confidence, certainty and most importantly outstanding clinical results. The accumulation of knowledge you put together often leaves myself and patients mesmerized. It works so fast! People actually heal, change, and advance to true wellness care.

- Matthew Lewis, DC
Commack, NY

Learning and applying The Loomis System has transformed my skills as a Licensed Massage Therapist, allowed me to help clients achieve total body wellness, and expanded my practice in ways that I could never have imagined.

- Renee Barasch, LMT
Highland Park, IL

I want to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for all that you at Loomis Institute do for the practitioners that complete the Institute seminars. I have attended many seminars over the course of my career, but yours are hands down the best. The instruction provided ensures that we find and treat the cause of the patient's symptoms.

- Angela Thrasher, PT
Biloxi, MS

I strongly recommend any chiropractor who is truly interested in the total health care of their patients to take this training.

- Dr. K.F. Lombardy
Augusta, GA

I repeated Food Enzyme Institute Seminar One, and had numerous "aha" moments. Attending the seminar the second time gave me insights and many epiphanies about enzyme nutrition I had not gathered the first time around.

I would highly recommend that any healthcare provider interested in expanding their practice and helping patients take this seminar and the rest in the series. My opinion is based on 30 years in practice.

- Daniel Serpentelli III, DC
Bradenton, FL

If you are going to do nutrition, do this nutrition.

- Kacie Crisp, DC
Mill Valley, CA

These are the best seminars I've ever attended. And I've been a chiropractor since 1985. Thank you!

- Dr. Randall Westerberg
Cambridge, MN

This is exactly what I've been looking for.

- Jeffery D. Nolte, DC
Janesville, WI

I have been in practice for 27 years and I wanted to study under Dr. Loomis for many years, however life's circumstances prevented me from attending. Having finished the required program, I now finally feel fulfilled in learning this amazing system of healthcare. Thank you Dr. Loomis for all that you do to help all of us practitioners and patients obtain better health through your revolutionary research and work.

- Jacqueline Pick, DC
Westlake Village, CA

The teachers are amazing and so giving of their time and knowledge. These are the most well taught and most organized classes ever! The camaraderie and helpfulness of students and the willingness to share information is unsurpassed in my opinion. Thank you Dr. Loomis for this amazing system that fits my need for objectivity and organization. A system that works.

- Hollie Schipper, CNHP
Caledonia, MI