The Loomis System®

What We Do

The Food Enzyme Institute™ specializes in health care, not sick care. Our goal is to maintain the balance in the body that is necessary for optimal health through the use of diet and nutrition.

This concept was advocated by the United States Surgeon General, C. Everett Koop, in 1988. In his health and nutrition report to the American people, Dr. Koop emphasized that chronic degenerative diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes must be prevented because the search for cures is fruitless and the treatment and rehabilitation cost-prohibitive.

The Loomis System® advocates using whole food as a dietary mainstay in conjunction with exercise, adequate rest, clean air and water, and mental and emotional stability as a part of a total wellness program. While all health care experts recognize the validity of such an approach, few recognize the importance of proper digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination. Fortunately, we do and that is the Loomis System® difference.

The Loomis System® was developed to complement all methods of health care. It is a tool for locating, identifying, and eliminating or reducing stress (chemical, structural, emotional) in the body. We recognize that each body is biochemically unique, and therefore we do not use the magic bullet approach to health care. Each body will tell you how stress is exhausting its normal functions and processes. It will even tell you how it is compensating for its inadequacies. It is then up to the practitioner to identify the stress in the patient's life and guide him or her through the correction and healing phases.

How We Do It

We go to the source of stress to nourish the body rather than treat individual symptoms by temporarily covering up discomfort with medication. We use the basic sciences to understand how the body operates and to figure out what stresses are causing it to malfunction. The Loomis System® uses several diagnostic tools including a case history combined with physical examination and lab tests to determine the stress and how to eliminate or reduce its effects.

We recognize and focus on the importance of digestion and the role that enzymes play in it.