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Science is evolving every day. Ever feel like you can’t keep up?

Dr. Loomis receives articles and studies in the health and wellness field daily. For years, he has been interpreting these studies and has written his fascinating take on them and how these studies correlate with the Loomis System®. This is something Dr. Loomis has been sending to his fellow instructors and his advisory board for years.

This is your exclusive invitation to get in the mind of Dr. Loomis.

For a subscription of just $180 per year, review science updates online and read along as Dr. Loomis gives you his insight. Organized by priority sequence and with Food Enzyme Institute seminar manual references, this is the continuing education you have been waiting for!

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Your copy of the Palpatory Diagnostic Response Reference Guide ($33) is a fantastic tool to pair and utilize with your subscription!

Prerequisite: Completion of Enzymes: The 2nd Factor in Nutrition or attendance of Seminar One

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